Matthew Blum

“Matthew Blum’s photography is a combination of machination and the sublime; a rusty nail awash in ripples of soft rose petals in a day-old city sidewalk puddle.”

Matthew Blum, an Allentown, PA native, has emerged as a compelling visual storyteller in the world of photography. His cinematic background in the Lehigh Valley, spanning roles from editing to director of photography, served as a prelude to his profound interest in still photography.
Captivated by the potent narrative of a single image, Matthew began his photographic endeavors with a modest 35mm darkroom setup. This initial passion soon flourished, leading him to explore the grandeur of large format 4×5″. Today, he is deeply invested in traditional printing methods like
palladium, cyanotype, and silver gelatin, ensuring each photograph is not merely an image, but a tangible embodiment of his artistry.



2022 – “Nature and Machine” Rotunda Gallery hosted by the Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission – Bethlehem, PA
2021 – “Photographic Paradoxes’ of Time: Gary Asteak, Matthew Blum, Peter Gourniak” ARTHAUS at the Mezz – Allentown, PA *
2021 – “11th Annual InVision Juried Exhibition” Banana Factory – Bethlehem, PA *
2021 – “What is Alternative Process Photography?” Banana Factory – Bethlehem, PA *
2019 – “Winter Show” Bethlehem House Gallery – Bethlehem, PA *Invision photo festival, Group Exhibition*
2019 – “Windows to the Past: Lehigh County” The Baum School of Art – Allentown, PA *Invision photo festival*
2017 – “Industry through the Viewfinder” National Museum of Industrial History – – Bethlehem, PA *
2015 – “Glass Portraits” The Alternative Gallery – Allentown, PA
2014 – “Pigment” Alternative Gallery – Allentown, PA *Group Exhibition*
2012 – “365 slices of time” Home and Planet – Bethlehem, PA *Invision photo festival*
2011 – “_Technifying”Soft Machine Gallery – Allentown, PA *Group Exhibition*






Additionally, Blum has worked on films in a variety of roles including:
2021 Conquest of the Magic Squirrel – (Short) Cinematographer – Editor
2019 Billboard – Cinematographer
2017 Modern Love ❤️ (Short) Cinematographer – Editor
2008 InSearchOf – co-producer – colorist – post-production supervisor – custom rigging
2005 Loggerheads – assistant editor – sound technician
2003 A.K.A.: It’s a Wiley World! – first assistant editor – associate producer