November 18, 2012 mblum6180_l6d6qy

365 Slices of Time

Capturing life’s fleeting moments, the photo gallery “365 Slices of Time,” presented at Home and Planet in 2012, stands as an impressive testament to the beauty and diversity of daily existence. This creative endeavor by Matthew Blum—displayed through carefully curated photographs, one for each day of the year—is more than a visual diary; it’s a narrative in imagery that compels viewers to pause and reflect on the smaller, often overlooked instances that fabricate our lives.

Each of the 365 photographs, displayed with wooden clothespins, offers a unique perspective, prompting viewers to reflect on life’s transient beauty. The exhibit’s intimate setup invites visitors to explore interconnected stories through images, enhanced by vintage projectors and cameras, which underscore the art of photography. Blum’s work, part of the ArtsQuest Annual InVision Festival of that year, encourages an appreciation for the extraordinary in the ordinary, urging us to capture life’s magic even years later.